Relaxing in open space or practicing sports on your own amenity space is an exceptional occasion. And that is why a comfortable and well-tended hytte (country timber lodge cottage) is a real treasure, worth caring for.

How to build, reconstruct or renovate a hytte without going bankrupt?

An experienced team of professionals will quickly cope with any work required in your hytte. Regardless whether you need to erect a new hytte or to reconstruct or renovate one that already exists. All works will be performed in a durable way, and you will not have to pay anything above the price agreed on when concluding the agreement.


You can commission Din Lokale Snekker AS to perform of all works connected with the hytte:
  • construction of a hytte according to own design,
  • erection of hyttes of ready available elements,
  • elimination of serious defects, such as a leaking roof,
  • other minor repairs.

If you enjoy relaxing in a place custom made to your individual needs and expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We enjoy challenges, such as off-standard orders.