How do we operate

We treat our clients exactly as we would like to be treated by others.


We make it a point to always attend each appointment

should this really prove to be impossible due to exceptional circumstances, we notify the client of the fact without delay and arrange a new meeting date, convenient for the client.


Each order is treated seriously

and that is exactly why we undertake works only for a single project and continue its implementation with 100% involvement until all the works agreed with the client have been completed. Final acceptance is the signal for us that we can start the implementation of the next order.


We respect time and money

The 100% involvement of the complete crew in a single construction project means that we are able to complete our works much quicker than if we were to carry out concurrently even only two projects.
In practice we execute orders over a time at the most, still in half the time taken by the others. This naturally entails a proportional money saving.


No task is impossible

we are capable of implementing practically every project. No works are too complex, too time-consuming or too expensive for us. All our employees have the highest qualifications and extensive experience, in many cases gained while working in an international market. They have already implemented several complex projects.

And so if you are dreaming of something, which others think to be impossible or too costly, come to us. We will offer the optimum choice. As an option we can import an expensive product from a country, in which it costs less.


No concealed costs

Each building project is a great effort, both organisational and financial. And after all, nobody likes unpleasant surprises. So we always adhere to provisions specified in the agreement concluded with the client. And in no situation do we charge any additional costs not allowed for in the concluded agreement.