Reliable heating in your home is undeniably essential for your comfort. If it does not work as required, it may cost you both your health and money. And that is where we as professionals come in.

A reliable team can handle elevation renovation works in a really short time

Without unnecessary delays, fully focusing only on your project, working as quickly and as effectively as feasible. And all that to have the defect eliminated as quickly as possible.


You can commission Din Lokale Snekker AS to replace your elevation understood as:
  • Removal of old boards,
  • Execution of new wind insulation,
  • Provision of additional thermal insulation (depending on your actual needs and only in line with the agreements),
  • Installation of battens and new elevation boards. We leave painting works to specialised professionals.

Problems with thermal insulation? Contact us. The quicker we begin the works, the quicker you stop having health problems and financial losses.